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Using LlamaIndex and gpt-3.5-turbo (ChatGPT API) with Azure OpenAI Service

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Introduction #

In this post we briefly discuss how LlamaIndex 🦙 (GPT Index) and gpt-35-turbo (the model behind ChatGPT) can be used with Azure OpenAI Service.

If you want a short into to using Azure OpenAI Service with Llama-Index, have a look at this post: posts/using-gpt-index-llamaindex-with-azure-openai-service/

Tutorial #

First, create a .env and add your Azure OpenAI Service details:


Next, make sure that you have gpt-35-turbo and text-embedding-ada-002 deployed and used the same name as the model itself for the deployment.

Azure OpenAI Service ChatGPT Model Deployment
Azure OpenAI Service ChatGPT Model Deployment

Let’s install/upgrade to the latest versions of openai, langchain, and llama-index via pip:

pip install openai --upgrade
pip install langchain --upgrade
pip install llama-index --upgrade

Here, we’re using openai==0.27.8, langchain==0.0.240, and llama-index==0.7.11.post1.

Summary #

In this blog post, we discussed how we can use the ChatGPT API (gpt-35-turbo model) with Azure OpenAI Service and Llama-Index.