Azure Machine Learning Overview
Azure Machine Learning Clemens Siebler 

The New Azure Machine Learning Services

Introduction Last week at Ignite 2018, Microsoft released a public preview of their new Azure Machine Learning Services. The outcome is a much easier to understand and clearer product portfolio for everything that evolves around building custom Machine Learning models, including: Data handling and cleaning Model training and testing (including automated training) Model deployment and […]

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Azure Kubernetes Service
Azure Clemens Siebler 

Deploying Internal Applications with private IPs on Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS)

In this post, we’ll look into how we can use Azure’s Kubernetes Service (AKS) to host internal applications without exposing them to the world wide web. Undeniably, Kubernetes gained massive interest of the community over the past years. However, while Kubernetes is often used to run web-facing applications, especially enterprise customers start leveraging Kubernetes for […]

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Azure Bot Service
AI Azure Cognitive Services Clemens Siebler 

Building an intelligent Node.js Chatbot with Azure Bot Service

Overview Chatbots are quickly evolving from being little toys to becoming the initial touchpoints for new and existing customer interactions. Due to the significant advances in natural language processing, bots are becoming more and more “human-like” and it will become increasingly difficult to distinguish between bots and humans in the future. The rapidly emerging feature […]

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